Why Washing Your Hair Everyday Makes It Greasy

Why Washing Your Hair Everyday Makes It Greasy

Plus Other Tips To Combat Oily Hair

Not wash your hair every day? Sounds crazy, right? But washing every day can rob your scalp and hair of its natural oils. Once your scalp’s balance is off, it goes into overdrive to make up for the lost moisture. Those with typically oily hair may live and die by washing once a day, but stretching out those washes is actually good for your hair. There are other things you can do as well to combat oily hair.

Use Dry Shampoo

A few short centuries ago, hair washing just wasn’t done. Instead, people wore wigs and used hair powder. Perhaps, we have something to learn from the people of the past. I’m not advocating giving up bathing altogether, but dry shampoo can definitely extend the time between hair washes. There isn’t a medical reason to wash your hair. We simply do because it makes us feel better. It also helps to wet hair and condition it so you can get all the tangles out without major breakage. We usually wash our hair then condition it, so the conditioner can be fully absorbed.

Alternate With Co-Wash

Traditional shampoo can be harsh on hair. That’s why co-washing and no-poo shampoos have risen in popularity. They get the buildup out without overdrying the hair. If your hair is color-treated or very fine, alternating co-wash with regular shampoo is the best bet for your hair. If you start skipping a few washes and still suffer from oily hair, you may have another problem. Wearing hair up too often, touching your hair too much, or not getting enough vitamins can all contribute to greasy hair.

Other Tips To Combat Oily Hair

Skip the ponytail and bun. A quick up-do is convenient, but regularly wearing your hair up can stop oils from traveling down your hair strands. This means your scalp and roots stay oily, but your ends may be dry. Keep your hands out of your hair. If you touch your face too much, you increase your chances of a breakout. Likewise, constantly running your hands through your hair will make your hair oilier. Our palms and fingertips produce a lot of sweat and oil. So, keep them out of your hair! Take a B vitamin supplement . B vitamins are essential to hair health, not to mention, cellular energy. B vitamins, especially B2 and B6, help balance your scalp’s oil production. It can be hard to get enough B vitamins from diet alone. H ealthImpaq's Premium Liquid Vitamin B12 is an easy way to get more B vitamins. It contains B12 plus B2, B3, B5, and B6. You can add it to your drink or place a full dropper under your tongue. B vitamins also boost your immune system and energy level.
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