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Can Turmeric Help Me Lose Weight?

Can Turmeric Help Me Lose Weight?

How It Works

Can adding turmeric to your weight loss plan help you shed pounds faster? The answer is YES, it can. How? Turmeric reduces inflammation.  Excess weight causes inflammation throughout the body. When turmeric reduces the inflammation your body has to fight, your body can focus on losing fat. Studies show that turmeric can also slow the growth of fatty tissues and increase the metabolism boosting hormone, adiponectin. To get the full benefits of turmeric, you need a higher dose of 800 to 900 mg such as the one found in HealthImpaq's Platinum Turmeric Complex with Bioperine


The Obesity Fighter

Turmeric is a household spice in India. Since ancient times, parts of South Asia have used turmeric as a treatment for numerous medical conditions. Turmeric’s antioxidant properties fight inflammation and its associated dangers such as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Studies show it can help reduce high blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Numerous studies show a link between turmeric consumption and reduced BMI and waist measurements. Turmeric can help those suffering from metabolic syndrome shed weight. Metabolic syndrome is associated with glucose intolerance and a resistance to weight loss efforts.

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How To Take Turmeric

There are a few ways you can add turmeric to your weight loss regimen.

The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. It is an antioxidant which suppresses inflammatory markers in fat, muscle, and pancreatic cells. The table spice turmeric only contains 2 to 8% curcumin. Turmeric extracts or supplements contain approximately 95% curcumin. Turmeric can be purchased in powder form to be added to smoothies or other liquids. However, the most convenient method of taking turmeric is via supplements. It’s hard to consistently add turmeric to your diet without a supplement. A quality supplement will give you a daily dose of turmeric. Be sure to look for a supplement with bioperine or piperine like HealthImpaq's Platinum Turmeric Complex with Bioperine. Bioperine, derived from black pepper, boosts turmeric absorption by up to 2000%.

Try It Out

Turmeric is an ancient spice that is safe for daily use. If you have diabetes, low iron, or a bleeding disorder, consult your doctor first. When combined with diabetes medications, turmeric may lower blood sugar too much. The majority of people have no issues supplementing with turmeric.

If you are struggling to lose weight, turmeric may be the answer to your problems. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, turmeric can boost your weight loss efforts. Many people give up when they do not see progress. Adding turmeric to your weight loss plan can help you see results faster and lose more weight in the long run.

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