10 Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms have long been known to possess a multitude of health properties beneficial to humans, such as a reduction in blood pressure and the fighting of cancer cells, but the full extent of their health powers are only now being uncovered. Research has uncovered many different types of benefits from several different type of mushrooms, many companies are making beneficial “mushroom mixes,” such as our “mushroom 10X complex”.


Lion’s Mane

This mushroom is best known for supporting health function. Its rich in many different compounds, including beta-glucans and immune-modulating antioxidants. These compounds are great to prevent tumors and are also plentiful in neuro-protective chemicals.

They protect against oxidative stress and are great for protecting against a host of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Incredibly, they can also promote nerve growth in nerve cells, further preventing degradation at the cellular level and providing key benefits in the fight against many diseases which take root in the nervous system.


This mushroom is known for providing the body with many different immune boosting functions. It’s also great for aiding in great sleep, reducing stress, and alleviating fatigue during the day. The first known use of these mushrooms occurred nearly 2000 years ago in China by Taoist monks. The monks used the mushrooms because they promoted calmness and a clear head.

They would use them when mediating and believed the mushroom helped them achieve a greater state of heightened awareness. The mushrooms were also believed to prolong life, prevent aging, and make the body “light” for a more fulfilling spiritual experience. Today, they’re used to reduce blood pressure and for their anti-inflammatory properties.


Cordyceps is best known to increase lung capacity and energy. The mushroom produces an incredible amount of ATP, which in turn stimulates nerves and increases energy levels for a prolonged amount of time. ATP gives cells energy to flourish and increases the intensity of action potentials within your neurotransmitters, letting your nerves fire faster and more often. Some cultures also use the mushroom to soothe symptoms related to lung issues, such as asthma and seasonal allergies.

This mushroom was also used in ancient China, as the Tibetan monks of the day used it for medicine. They would also use it to aid and benefit their digestive system. It’s a parasitic species which preys on many insects, and the most expensive species is also the most expensive mushroom in the world, costing over twenty thousand dollars! You can find cordyceps at the grocery store for much less than this, however.


Although commonly referred to as a mushroom, chaga is actually a sclerotium or woody cranker which grows in the colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It’s known to be rich in antioxidants and supports immune function, on top of aiding the health of the liver and brain.

The mushroom is also said to increase longevity, prolonging lifespans and life expectancies. Many laboratories which collect this mushroom do so to “tease out” essential compounds like beta-D-glucans, which are used to boost immune function and relieve symptoms of many different types of disease.

Turkey Tail

Another mushroom which improves health function, turkey tail stimulates cytokine production to kill foreign invaders, boost the number of natural killer cells in your bloodstream, and make your body healthier overall. One of the most well-researched mushrooms in the world, this mushroom grows on dead logs all over the world and looks like the tail feathers of a turkey.

The Chinese used this mushroom to treat lung disease and the Japanese used it to make the PSK, which boosted immune system function and dull the pain and effects caused by different kinds of cancer, such as prostate cancer and breast cancer. Those who sell the mushroom don’t add any ingredients, so you’re buying pure mushroom with no added starch or mycelium. It’s suggested to take one teaspoon every day to receive the mushroom’s beneficial effects.


Probably the most famous mushroom in the world, shiitake mushrooms are great for boosting immune health, improving liver function, and supporting the cardiovascular system and its components. These mushrooms aren’t just used in China; they’re used all over the world because their meaty texture and versatility of flavor.

Many cultures use them to boost the B vitamin levels in their body and control blood sugar levels. Recent research has also shown these mushrooms to reduce inflammation associated with diseases like leaky gut syndrome which can affect the digestive system. Finally, shiitakes can boost longevity and improve circulation, reducing blood pressure, thanks to a compound found within them called lentinan.


Maitake helps regulate your immune systems because it stimulates lymphocytes. These are a subcategory of cells primarily made up of natural killer cells and t-helper cells. These cells fight off foreign invaders and aid white blood cells in keeping your body safe from other germs and diseases throughout the day.

These mushrooms grow in plenty in the forests of North America and Japan, making them relatively inexpensive. They’re edible and have an earthy, indelible flavor. They support the immune system and help cells grow healthy and increase longevity both at a cellular level and in the body in general.

Sun Agaricus Extract


The Sun Agaricus mushroom, is known to have positive impacts on the immune system, also have anti-cancer properties. They provide beta-glucan which can be effective in inhibiting tumor growth. It also known to improve liver function and protects against diabetes.

Black fungus extract

Black fungus are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, it has been known for its potential immune-enhancing properties which are good for liver, lowering cholesterol, and boosting gut health. It's also packed with chock full of fibers and antioxidants. They taste great and can be used to cook with in a number of dishes.  

White Button Mushroom Extract

White button mushroom is one of the most common mushrooms but taste great and boost many bodily functions because of their high Vitamin D content. They provide nutrients which encourage the growth and health of bone tissue and can also be helpful in preventing osteoporosis.

Q and A

Can Mushrooms Trigger Hair Growth?

The best mushroom to use for hair growth and to protect fragile hair is reishi because of their anti-inflammatory compounds and circulation for a healthy scalp.

Do Mushrooms Help Skin?

Yes, mushrooms are great for skin. This is because they’re rich in vitamin D and selenium, in addition to antioxidants which protect skin and encourage beautiful, healthy looking skin.

Do Mushrooms Help with Diabetes?

There is mild evidence to suggest mushrooms can both reduce the risk of diabetes and help treat the symptoms of diabetes. This is again due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Can Mushrooms Help with Depression?

Yes and no. Magic mushrooms contain a compound called psilocybin which can help treat and reduce depressed individuals, but there is little evidence to suggest non-psychedelic mushrooms can do much to treat depression.

Can Mushrooms Help You Sleep?

Yes, many medicinal mushrooms help individuals sleep because of compounds which do also have additional health properties, like increasing oxygen and blood flow.

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