Immune System During The Winter

Immune System During The Winter

The Cold and Flu season is the silver lining to an otherwise great part of the year. These months are full of family gatherings, holiday parties, and great food, and while these next couple months lead many to unwind and relax, also remember this time of year is unpleasantly known for getting people sick. This winter is even worse with the COVID-19. The Center for Disease Control is warning thousands of Americans to forego the holiday parties this year to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Knowing this is the most contagious part of the year for infectious diseases, here are some precautions you can take, as well as some examples of an immune-boosting diet that can keep you and your family safe.

1. Building an Immune-Boosting Diet for Flu and Cold Season

The holidays bring a wide assortment of delicious food to our plates. We often stop checking our waistlines during these celebrations, and can fall into dangerous eating habits, especially considering colds, the Flu, and now COVID-19.  

The common phrase, “you are what you eat” applies perfectly to building an immune-boosting diet. Your body builds what it needs from the materials you give it, and you must provide it with the micronutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, and Zinc to give your immune system the edge it needs this winter. A good immune system is a well-prepared one. It acts quickly, dispatching T cells and antibodies to kill any wanted guests. These nutrients can help you jumpstart your immune system.

The key to building an immune-boosting diet this winter is to add an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables to your plate. Now, your body works best when it is in harmony, and the same goes for the nutrients you eat. You need to balance your diet with a variety of foods. So, in addition to those fruits and vegetables, consider adding some good proteins, like poultry or beans, and whole grains.

These combinations of food are commonly known as DASH or Mediterranean diet. They are critical to your overall health like lower cholesterol or blood pressure, but also for providing the essential nutrients you need to generate a fast-acting and strong immune response.  

2. Take Extra Precautions This Holiday Season

This year has been challenging for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has ruined the plans of many people. You may feel tempted to host your holiday party or thanksgiving dinner, but considering the infection rates, it would be better for everyone if you took stricter precautions this year. Here are some extra precautions, outside average ones like a flu vaccination, you should consider this Cold, Flu, and COVID-19 season:

3. Virtual Holiday Dinners

Everyone wants to gather around the same table for the holidays, which causes a significant amount of travel during this part of the year. Travel is a high-risk factor for COVID-19. So this Thanksgiving or Christmas, consider hosting a virtual dinner. Use programs like Zoom to enjoy a holiday meal with your friends and family without the risk of exposure through travel.

4. Share Famous Family Recipes

Your family may have a famous dish passed down through generations that everyone enjoys during the holiday season. While your family may not be able to enjoy the dish together in person, you can all share the recipe with one another. For even more fun, you could all have a virtual cook-off to see who makes the best version of the family dish.

5. Follow CDC Guidelines and Procedures To The Letter

The holidays may tempt you to relax or bend some of the CDC guidelines regarding the spread of COVID-19. However, you should do your best to remain strict in their application. If you host a holiday gathering, make sure you limit the number of guests, try to have the event outside, have guests bring their own food, and set expectations ahead of time. Continuing to follow these procedures rigorously during the holiday season is the best defense to protecting yourself.  

Are Extra Precautions And An Immune-Boosting Diet Enough?

You could create the best diet for your immune system and take extra precautions, and the unfortunate truth is it still might not be enough. That is the ugly truth of infectious diseases. They find ways to survive despite our best efforts to eradicate them. 

The best defense against them is to do everything you can to protect your body. Natural Supplements are a great addition to your arsenal this year. Our DEFEND with ten immune-boosting ingredients that are sure to help you stay healthy and protected. 

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This year will be an especially harsh year for the Cold and Flu because of the addition of COVID-19. It's time to consider giving every edge your immune system could have. Click here to learn more about our DEFEND supplement.

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