Five Killer Workouts You Can Do While Working From Home

Five Killer Workouts You Can Do While Working From Home

COVID-19 threw everyone in 2020 for a loop, disrupting many aspects of our daily lives. While the virus surely messed up many of your daily and weekly habits, you cannot let it mess up your exercise habits. Healthy adults need at the minimum, 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week, and for many of us, that took place in our favorite fitness gym. Then COVID-19 happened, and most gyms shutdown. However, keeping your exercise habits high is still critically important for your health. Luckily, there are plenty of home workouts that can keep you in shape.

Here are five at home workouts that get the job done. 

1. Desk Push Ups
desk pushup

These are a great upper body exercise and can be done in your home office while taking a break from work. To start, place your palms at the edge of your desk shoulder-width apart. Then move your feet away from your desk until you are inclined towards it. Then you complete a push-up as you normally would! Try to do as many as you can while maintaining proper form. 

2. Lunges

Lunges are a killer workout with or without equipment. When it comes to leg exercises, there aren't many that beat lunges, and they are easy to do! You start with your feet halfway apart at shoulder length. Then you will bring one leg forward while extending the other towards the back. Make sure you stand on your toes! From this position, you slowly bend the knee of your front leg, creating a 90-degree angle, and slowly lunge while bending the other leg. You will bring the whole body down until your knee is barely touching the ground. Try to do 5 – 15 of these, and then switch legs! You can make it more challenging by adding weights!

3. Chair Dips

Make sure to grab a chair that won’t roll away from you for this exercise! It is a great chest workout, and you can copy it from the gym. To start, scoot to the edge of the chair and place your hands on either side of the chair. Then use your core and arms to raise your body off the chair, then down towards the floor, then back up. Try to complete 15 or more reps, three times!

4. High Knees

These are the cardio part of your home workout, and they are easy to do anywhere. To start, simply stand up from your desk and try to get your knees up as high as you can. Think of this exercise as running in place, but you are trying to bring your knees up as high as you can! To make sure you are doing this exercise correctly, you can use your knees to tap the palms of your hands.

5. Calf Raises

This is an easy at-home exercise but also incredibly effective. To start, stand up and place your hands on your side. Then lift yourself on the balls of your feet, then back down and up again. Repeat this process while keeping your core tight. Try to stay tall and maintain each position for two to three seconds. Try to complete two or three sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Exercising is part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle not just because it helps physically strengthen our bodies, but also because it helps deal with stress. The gym is an outlet for many to relieve built up stress accumulated throughout the day. Without it many normal patrons may not know where to direct their stress. Luckily with these at-home workouts, you can bring the likeness of the gym home and recreate a similar effect.

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