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10 Christmas Party Ideas That You Can Plan During COVID

 Making Your Holiday Safe and Enjoyable

With COVID once again on the rise, you might be thinking that this year has culminated in yet another ruined holiday. Social distancing can be difficult in a small space, mask protocols make conversations tricky, and let’s not even mention the shared food items in potluck scenarios. 

But the news is not all bleak. To have a Christmas, Hanukkah, or Yule party that will be safe and memorable; you just need to have some faith, some imagination, and some holiday spirit. It is time to think out of the box and tell 2020 that it won’t wreck any more holiday gatherings this year.

Safe Holiday Parties

Working around the government-mandated restrictions, we have a few ideas that might seem odd, a little crazy, but are sure to be a blast no matter how old you are.

 1. Invite-only events

Regulate who shows up and how many people show up by setting up a party that needs an RSVP. The easiest way to plan a group gathering, pick the right space, and order just enough food, is to have a solid headcount. Cocktail parties are always a big hit. Just make sure the bartender wears a mask and gloves.

2. Movie Night 

If the holiday spirit gets you in a singing mood, then caroling around a piano can be a fun way to have an entertaining evening. Although if you prefer something more visual and less verbal, movie nights are a lot of fun. Sure, someone might have seen the movie, but being with others will be much better than watching it alone.

3. Virtual Games

We live in a world of Skype and Zoom, but these aren’t crutches; they are opportunities. Use them for your holiday advantage. Set up a virtual game night. Have one person show the playing board and move on the virtual user's behalf. There are hundreds of games that will work correctly in this fashion.

 4. Be Benevolent 

Instead of partying at home or online, do something charitable. Kids in broken homes, low-income situations, and stuck in the hospital still deserve to unwrap something this Christmas. Be the Santa they need and change someone’s life. It is a noble act that can change your heart after this terrible year.

 5. Use the Ice 

If you live somewhere with frozen lakes or near an ice rink, rent it out and have a skating party. This is great for all ages. You can socially distance, have a great time, and make some enjoyable memories. Just don’t forget to bundle up. The last gift you want this year is frostbite.

 6. White Elephant Exchange

White elephant gifts, limited-cost secret Santa exchanges, and even cookie swaps are fun and, often sweet, way to share the love and have some laughs. If the gifts are supposed to be funny, make them hysterical. If they are meant to be sweet and heartfelt, let them give you all the feels. If you put in the effort, it will come back to you.

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 7. It’s Picnic Time

Despite what many might think, it is more challenging to catch the virus outdoors. Does this mean masks should be tossed and social distancing protocols ignored? Absolutely not. But it does mean that, while indoor meals are tricky, outdoor picnics with plenty of space between guests is a much better idea. And who doesn’t love a picnic?

 8. Holiday Bingo

Printable Bingo Cards for Your Next Holiday Party | The Hutch

Need we say more? This is just like regular bingo, but a little different. You can buy some with the same old numbers or create some that will wow your family and friends. And they are a good idea for more than just Christmas time; holiday bingo is good for any holiday.

 9. Virtual Santa

Unless you really want to talk to Kris Kringle as an adult, this one is a must for the kiddos. Social distancing has changed the dynamic of Santa photos and altered the Santa concept in many children’s hearts and minds. Let’s fix that with a virtual visit from the big man himself. Deck out the room to look just like his workshop and watch their eyes light up over video chat.

 10. Party Hardy

What kind of parties do you usually enjoy? Tupperware parties? Recipe parties? Adult toy parties? Well, those don’t have to go away just because you can’t attend them as a group. Have them online through a video conference. You can gab in split-screen, gossip if that is your thing, and make it festive with more holiday-centric items. An ornament party might be fun. 


2020 might have dampened your mood, but it doesn’t have to wreck your holiday. Think outside of the box, use all the internet has to offer (which is a lot), and don’t forget the reason for the season is hope and happiness, spending time with family and friends, and being optimistic about the future.

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